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If a offshore company seeks to inve


  If a offshore company seeks to invest in domestic, how to obtain Credit Certification required by Chinese government?
  答: 离岸公司需在银行开设账户,并有一定的资金,银行经过考核后,方会发出资信证明。
  Reply:  The offshore company shall open a bank account and deposit certain funds. After the assessment, the bank will issue credit certification.
  After the offshore company is registered, can the Articles of Association and other documents be altered
  答: 可以。离岸公司是可对章程和其它文件进行合法修改和补充的。
  Reply: Yes, it can. The offshore company is entitled to amend and supplement Articles of Association and other documents as per laws.
  How to certify the existence and legality of the company
  答: 公司注册后,我们会转交该公司的注册证书、公司钢印和公司章程等文件给客户。此外,我们也可协助客户向当地政府申请“公司存在证明”。
  Reply: After the company is registered, we will transfer the registration certificate, steel seal and Articles of Association to clients. In addition, we can assist our clients to apply “Company Existence Certification” toward local government.
  What the requirements are for the offshore company’s opening bank account?
  答: 需提供下列经会计师或律师签发的公证复印件:
  Reply: the copies as follows of notarization issued by accountants or lawyers shall be provided
  The register of Shareholders and Directors
  The registration certificate of the company
  Minutes of Directors’ Meeting
  Articles of Association of the company
  Letter of consent on serving as Director
  Individual address certification of Director (for example lists of water fees, electricity fees and phone fees, etc.)
  Certification letter on good records of the company (issued by local government)
  The original of individual bank credit certification of Directors
  After the registration, can the offshore company operates in Hong Kong without declaring toward Hong Kong government?
  答: 不需要,大部份离岸公司只需将董事/股东资料存放当地代理便可。
  Reply: Yes, it can. Most of the offshore companies only need to deposit the Director/Shareholder materials for agency in local.
  What are the advantages are of registering offshore company
  答: 注册离岸公司优势如下:
  Reply:  the advantages of offshore company are as follows:
  The registration procedures are more easier and the cost are favorable. No capital verification is needed.
  The free circulation of foreign exchange
  Exempt from tax legally
  Easy maintenance procedures
  The registration materials and documents can be kept in confidentiality
  There is no limitation on business scope and district
  Will the materials of Directors and Shareholders be inquired by others?
  答: 大部分离岸公司注册地的法律都不要求公开股东及董事的身份等重要资料。因此,也就不会被查阅到。
  Rely: most laws in local where the offshore company is registered will not require to disclosure important materials concerning Shareholders and Directors. Therefore, the information will not be inquired by others.
  How many Shareholders and Directors are required for offshore company at least?”
  答: 至少一名股东及董事,股东可同时兼任董事。
  Reply: There are at lease one Shareholder and Director and the Shareholder can serve as Director at  the same time.
  What’s the lowest amount of registered capital?
  答: 离岸公司注册资本的多少取决于客户经营规模、用途的需求。不同国家有不同的注册资本要求,具体可以咨询掘金国际。
  Reply: The registered capital of the offshore company depends on the requirement of operation scope and usage. Different countries have different requirements toward registered capital. You can consult Juejin Internationals for more information.
  Can the name of offshore company be Chinese?
  答:对某些国家来说是可以的,例如在英属维尔京群岛(BVI)、开曼群岛(Cayman Island)及萨摩亚(Samoa)等国家,注册公司都可使用中文名称。
  Reply: It can be for some countries, for example: BVI, Cayman Island, Samoa and etc.
  How to name an offshore company?
  答: 一般来说,公司名称必须包括“Limited”、“Corporation”、或简写“Ltd.”、“Corp.”、或“Inc.”。 如拟用的公司名称与已注册的公司名称相同,便不能注册。而且,公司名称一般不能含有“银行”、“保险”等字眼。
  Reply: Generally, the name of an offshore company must include “Limited”, “Corporation”, or “Ltd.”, “Corp.” “Inc.” for short. If the name to be used is the same to the registered company, the name cannot be registered. And, there cannot include “Bank”, “Insurance” and etc.
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