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Conditions and Procedures of Establishing Foreign Trade Corporations

        Conditions and Procedures of Establishing Foreign Trade Corporation 

(I) First, registering a foreign trade corporation is according to the procedures to establish a general company 

(The preregistration procedures and required materials for foreign trade corporations registration are the same as those of registering general companies. “export and import of technology, export and import of goods”) 

A,  Choosing the amount of registered capitals; 

There are mo special limits on the registered capitals of foreign trade corporations. General choosing registered capitals 1 million Yuan or 0.5 million Yuan, the minimum of registered capital of one person limited liability company shall be at least 0.1 million, the minimum of registered capital of limited liability company with two or above persons shall be at least 0.3 million Yuan. It would be better to have more registered capitals, which could make people worry-saving. If the amount of registered capital is little, that would influence the image of the company. If the names of enterprises have the letters”export and import”, the registered capital shall be no less than 1 million Yuan.

 B.  The Relations between Registered Capital and General Taxpayers for Added-value Tax

 1.  The company that has engaged in goods wholesale or retail and is with annual sale amount up to 1,8 million or more shall apply to the state tax authorities for affirmation for general taxpayers of added-value tax.

 2.  If the registered capital of the company that applies for registration is more than 5 million Yuan, the company shall apply directly for general taxpayers.

 3.  The company with registered capital more than 0.5 million Yuan and more than 1 hundred square meters of actual space office, at the same time applied for export and import rights, shall be given special preferences and transact export rebates.

 C.  Procedures of Registering Companies:

 1. Name Approval: get Enterprise Name Preapproval Application Form, and fill prepared enterprise name on the form, and examined online by Industry & commerce Bureau to see whether it is used by others or not. If there no repetition indeed, “Enterprise(No.)Name Preapproval Notice” shall be issued.(The name is made up of four parts,. In order of administrative division+ZI+ industry characteristics+ organization form , and the applicant shall prepare five names for reserve.

 2.  Renting: go to rent an office in office buildings, it is also available that you have workshops or offices. At present, it is not allowed to carry our business in residential buildings in Beijing. Sign lease contract after renting, and ask the householders to offer the copy of property certificate , and go to buy stamp tax in tax bureau. The tax rate is one thousandths of the annual rent and the stamp tax shall be pasted in the first page of the contract.

 3.   Compile Articles of Associations.

 4.  Engrave Individual seals of Legal Persons.

 5.  Go to open an account in banks for capital verification.

 6.  Go to accounting firms for capital verification report.

 7.  Company Registration: go to Industry & Commerce Bureau for getting all kinds of documents for company establishment registration, including Company Establishment Registration Form, Shareholders (Promoters)List, Statement about Directors,Managers and Supervisors, Legal Representative Registration Form, Registration Form of Appointed Representative and Entrusted Agent. After all these forms are filled, these documents shall be submitted to industry & commerce bureau along with name approval notice, articles of association, lease contracts, the copy of property certificate and capital verification report.You can get the business after three workdays.

 8.  Go to technology supervision bureau for organization code by business license.

 9.  Open basic account by business license and organization code.

10.  Tax registration.

 II.  You shall apply for the right of export and import when the company is established. The company can operate its own business in export and import only in the condition of having the rights of export and import.

 1.  The country has established open policies on applying for the right of export and import, and there is no limitation on registered capital and export amount. You can apply for the right of export and import as soon as having the business license.

 2.  There are many complex formalities to apply for the right of export and import. If you go to transact all the formalities on your own, the time you spend on these is much longer and the formalities are more complex.

 3.  Applying for the right of export and import in Beijing shall be filed in commercial bureau, tax bureau, customs,e-port, state administration of foreign exchange and other departments for record.

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