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Procedures of Foreign-invested Enterprise Registration

        Procedures of Foreign-invested Company Registration(Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise)

 Name preapproval:

Name of the company generally consists of four parts in the following order: 

First case: Administrative Division+No.+Industry characteristics+Organization Form; 

Second case: No.+(Beijing)+Industry characteristics+Co,. Ltd 

Third case: No.+Industry characteristics+(Beijing)+Co,. Ltd 

Materials for Name Preapproval: 

1. To formulate company name( we suggest that you prepare a few of spare No.

       2. The country that the investor belongs to 

3. Chinese name, English name and ratios of contribution of all investment parties

4. Which district the registered address is in, and how much is the registered capita. 

5. All parties shall sign on Power of Attorney 

6. The foreign-invested enterprise that uses foreign(region) investment enterprises’ firms can use English alphabet as its firm and shall submit the copy of business license of investment parties. Note: English alphabet shall have no meaning;

I. Conditions for Application: (the clients shall prepare the documents with red highlight

1.  Foreign enterprises and other economic organizations of individuals;

2.  The projects with total amount of investment capital under 30.000.000 dollars(including 30.000.000 dollars) don’t need preliminary examination of encouraged projects with integrated balance by the country.

II.  Basic Documents and Materials required for submit:

1.  Application Form(the original) 

2.  Feasibility Study Report(the original)

3.  Articles of Association(the original) 

4.Members of Board of Directors Appointment Letter(the original) 

5.  Name List and Identification Papers of Members of Board of Directors (the copy) 

       6.  Subject Qualification Certificate of investors, Approval Documents for Investors’ Right to Sign(the original)[the mentioned-above documents shall be notarized by the notarization authorities which are in the countries or regions that the enterprises belong to, and shall be certified by local China Embassy(or the agent), Notarization and certification on the relevant documents of Enterprise Representative office in HK, Aomen or Taiwan shall transact according the current stipulations,] Note: If the documents are not in Chinese, the Chinese translations with official seal of the translation company and the copy of business license (the duplicate) shall be submitted. 

7.  Credit Certification of Investors(banks issue the original ones). Note: If the documents are not in Chinese, the Chinese translations with official seal of the translation company and the copy of business license (the duplicate) shall be submitted. 

8.  The valid ID cards of the final beneficiaries from the investment parties( the copy) 

9.  Utilization Certification of Newly-established Company( including Lease Agreement, Property Certificate,the copy of property owners’ ID cards) 

10. The last annual audit report of the invest party(the original) note: the audit that is not written in Chinese, the copy of the duplicate of the business license and translation documents with stamped by the official seals of the translation companies. 

11.  The passports of the natural persons from the investment parties shall be notarized in local notarization authority, and be certified in local China Embassy(or the agent). Credit certification of natural persons (the original) shall be submitted. 

12.  Notice of Name Approval(the copy) 

13.  Power of Attorney for Serving Legal Documents(the original) 

14.  Application Form for Administration Permission(the original) 

III.  Materials Required by Industry&Commerce Bureau 

1.  Notice of Approval on Business Name Preregistration 

2.  Application for Registration of Foreign- invested Enterprise Establishment 

3.  The passports or ID cards of Legal Representative from Newly- established Domestic Company(the copy) 

4.  Certification on Business Premise(shall be sealed by the property unit,or signed by the property owners, if it belongs to individuals) 

5.  Articles of Association 

6.   Power of Attorney for Serving Legal Documents 

7.  Identification of Members of Board of Directors and General Managers, Valid Identification Certification of Supervisors(the copy) 

8.  Power of Attorney

9.  Registration Form of Enterprise Secretary(Contact Person)

 Getting business license( the term of validity refers the period stipulated in articles of association) 

Seal-engraving, filing in public security bureau and filing in exit-entry administration bureau 

Business License 

Approval Certificate  

Application for Seal=engraving 

Valid Identification Documents of Legal Representative 

Opening RMB account and transacting exchange business receipt 

The foreign-invested enterprises can choose any banks which are allowed to run RMB business to open RMB accounts. Materials for opening RMB accounts as follows:

I.  Business license issued by Administration for Industry & Commerce 

II.  Approval Certificate issued by Examination and Approval Authority 

III.  ID cards or passports of Legal Persons(the original), official seal, financial seal, name seal


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