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Domestic Patent Application

 China patent regulations require that, inventions and utility models that are authorized patent right shall be provided with novelty, creativity and utility. Exterior designs shall have been published in foreign and domestic publications or not the same as and not similar to the exterior designs that have been used publicly.

When the foreigners ,enterprises or other organizations that don’t have habitual residence or business office apply for patent registration in China, you shall appoint the patent agency institution to conduct the business.

Application Type

Invention Patent: product, method or its improved new tech plan 

Utility Model Patent: the shapes,  structures of the products or applicable and new tech plan on  shapes and structures of the products

Exterior Design Patent:shapes, images,colors of the products or the aesthetic and applicable new design based on shapes, images,colors of the product 

Priority Right

Required Materials and Validity

Comparison of The Merits and Shortcomings

Invention Patent

Name of Invention

Name and Address of The Applicant

Name and Address of The Inventor

Patent Document

It is necessary to renew yearly after the first year of getting approved, and require International Search and International Examination for twenty years at most, the term of application is quite long but the power and rights are strengthened accordingly and the protection years are longer.

Utility Model

Name of Invention

Name and Address of The Applicant

Name and Address of The Inventor

Patent Document

Renewal can begin after the first yea from the date of submitting applications. The term of application of utility models, which is ten years at most , is shorter than that of inventions, because it just need formal examination . The examination just stay in the formal level, so the protection is relatively weak.

       Exterior Design

Name of Design

Name and Address of The Applicant 

Name and Address of The Inventor

The Picture of Designed Product 

Brief Description of Exterior Design

The renewal shall begin after one(1) year from the date of submitting the application and last for ten(10) years at most. It only protects the shapes of the designs, but not including its technological aspects.

Patent documents include:

The Claims: the most important one among the patent documents, used to state the scope of the patent protection requested

Abstract: the main tech scheme of the patent

Description: use words to describe the detailed contents and characteristics of the patented technology

Drawings: use pictures to illustrate the structures and details of the patents

Application for Government Fundin 

China’s finance ministry has set up special funds to support the Chinese applicants to apply for patent registration in foreign countries. You can get the funding 100,000 Yuan at most, if applying for patent registration overseas successfully.

If you want to apply for this funding, please contact us at once, we will help you prepare all the required documents for the applications and offer free consulting service to get the the government funding successfully.

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