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Beijing tianlun hospital
Cooperation business:The company registered
Beijing tianlun hospital was founded in 2005, with advanced medical service concept as the core, the introduction of advanced and innovative established a set of hospital management mode, composed of well-known doctors professional medical team, the use of advanced medical facilities, and combined with modern advanced medical technology, is a collection of real medical treatment, scientific research, prevention, health care, rehabilitation for the integration of modern hospital, really understand and satisfy the Chinese parenting medical needs of the family.
Beijing zhongtong directl
Cooperation business:The company registered
Beijing zhongtong directly express service co., LTD., Beijing for distribution base, with a solid management network, through effective management, realize the most complete material flow, the fastest, the safest and most economical way to make the center of transportation comprehensive strength has been greatly strengthen and perfect, all-round service, center on the development of freight industry at present, equipped with all kinds of big small and medium-sized trucks, cars car, door to door one-stop service, truly a "urgent user anxious, think users want", definitely: "customer first, quality first, service first, reputation first" service purposes, pay attention to the information service center, pay attention to transport limitation, an internal local area network, implementation of the internal management and customer information automation.
Mrs. Le food co., LTD., B
Cooperation business:The company registered
Industry:Food and beverage
Mrs Sea food co., LTD., founded in 1989, is one of the three Chinese seasoning industry enterprises, the Chinese chicken, chicken powder, industry standards unit, the world's biggest food company, a member of the Swiss nestle family.Adhering to the "Mrs. Le, better life" of the enterprise mission, Mrs. Le has been committed to the research and development of freshness material, constantly bring consumers healthier, more delicious of a new generation of dressing, continues to lead the new standard of the industry.
Beijing yapping clothing
Cooperation business:The company registered
Industry:The clothing industry
Beijing yapping clothing co., LTD. Is a clothing company, is approved by the national related department registered enterprises, the main clothing.Company respected "steadfast, perseverance, responsibility, spirit of enterprise, and with integrity, win-win and create a business philosophy, to create a good environment of enterprise, with new management mode, perfect technology, and thoughtful service, excellent quality for survival, we always adhere to customer first Attentively service to customers, insist on their service to impress customers.
Beijing is the internatio
Cooperation business:The company registered
Industry:Art auction
Beijing is the international auction co., LTD is a comprehensive auction company, mainly engaged in the management of cultural relic artwork auction activities, through auction, carrying forward the culture of the Chinese nation, the advancement of Chinese art in the world and influence;For collectors and institutions at home and abroad to provide a physical chang its flow, make the high-level, high-quality cultural communication space.
Beijing grass bouquet sho
Cooperation business:The company registered
Grass bouquet flavour is located in the beautiful scenery of the Oriental capital of leisure, hangzhou is a leisure food processing, production, trade as the main body, set chain, B2C business model for the integration of new enterprises.Company sets: Hao M food co., LTD. Hangzhou, hangzhou grass bouquet. Enterprise management consulting co., LTD.
Super 8 hotel (the origin
Cooperation business:Pay registration
Industry:The hotel
The super 8 international co., LTD is one of the world's largest budget hotel operator, nearly more than 2300 hotels worldwide operations, the total number of rooms, more than 126000.The first super 8 hotel in October 1974 in the American state of south Dakota Aberdeen Ding Kai industry, the charge standard for $8.88 per night.
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