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Company Introduction


Beijing Nuggets Holding Group Co., Ltd. (Nugget Group), located in Beijing, China, was founded in 2004 and is one of the largest comprehensive enterprise service organizations in China. It is committed to building the enterprise service ecosystem.
As of 2016, the Nuggets Group in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions set up a total of 14 branches, has now expanded into a collection of business office, intellectual property, business incubator, angel investment, high-tech certification, social security agents, Services, special approval, listing of enterprises, domestic and foreign enterprises registered a variety of business services such as an integrated service platform. Group has more than 500 outstanding professional team, served 10W + small and medium-sized micro-enterprises, also served, including the United States-products, the US Mission Network, LG Electronics, and other famous enterprises.
Today's Nuggets Group is to global vision, open thinking, innovative spirit of the overall situation, adhere to the "diversification, branding" development strategy, carry forward the "people-oriented, service-centric" spirit of enterprise, based on " Your business to provide convenient peace of mind "business philosophy, towards the" create the best business services ecosystem, promote the growth of small and medium enterprises in China, "the grand goal of striding forward!

Corporate purposes


Brand Positioning
     Enterprise Service Ecosphere
- help small and medium enterprises to grow
core values
- People-oriented, service-centric
Business philosophy
- Everything just for your business to provide convenient and worry-free service

Company culture


Nuggets Group: Corporate welfare culture and our common growth
Corporate welfare, in simple terms, is the enterprise to provide staff to improve their own and family quality of life, in the form of non-monetary wages or delayed payment of various complementary remuneration and services. Further, corporate welfare can enhance the sense of belonging and well-being of employees, thereby enhancing the cohesion of the enterprise. So, would like to know the welfare of the Nuggets Group is what?
Mutual funds
The goal of the "Mutual Fund" is to help solve some of the outstanding employees in the enterprise, or to solve some practical problems.
Annual Travel
Annual tourism can strengthen the emotional exchange and integration between employees, improve the company's team loyalty, so that employees profound understanding of the company's corporate culture, while enhancing understanding and communication between employees, enhance the team's overall combat effectiveness, enhance team and individual self-confidence Heart, and improve the courage and ability to solve the problem. Enhance communication and understanding between employees, to eliminate the gap between each other. Correct evaluation of their own, re-understanding of their own, position and mentality in the team. Enhance interpersonal skills, promote the spirit of dedication.
Social security fund
Company employees insured for the five items of insurance (pension, medical, industrial injury, unemployment, maternity) and housing provident fund, is to provide better protection of all aspects of staff, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.
Paid annual leave
For employees, the most comfortable thing than leave, the most comfortable thing, than off paid leave. The implementation of paid leave system for the community, businesses and individuals, is a useful thing. Rest is to better work, while improving efficiency. The implementation of leave system, for regulating the work pressure, improve the physical condition, are helpful. In addition, the paid vacation system will help to meet the increasingly obvious individual consumption demand, but also conducive to full and rational use of social resources, promote economic and social long-term stable development.
Birthday benefits
In order to enhance the cohesion of the company, to strengthen the sense of belonging among employees, to further promote the company's corporate culture, and enhance staff's sense of identity and sense of belonging to the company, to enterprises, special staff birthday benefits. Nuggets Group "people-oriented" management philosophy, so that every employee feel the warmth of the company family,
 Statutory holiday benefits
Employees are entitled to holidays on statutory holidays, our current statutory holidays are Spring Festival, International Labor Day, National Day, and other laws and regulations, the provisions of the other holidays.
High temperature subsidies
Into the summer, there are high temperatures throughout China. The most difficult, than the work of the workers under the heat of friends. High temperature subsidy is to ensure the heat of the summer season under the conditions of high-temperature economic construction and production and business activities of the normal conduct of workers in the production process to protect the safety and health.
Staff physical examination
Nuggets Group Liang always pay attention to the health of employees, he often said: "Employee health is the company's largest asset, but also to ensure the stability of the company's development."
Care for the next generation
In late September 2015, the Nuggets Group provided employees with a broad and flexible package of benefits for their employees' children, while at the same time providing peace of mind. Can focus on the care of children under the age of schooling, narrowing the distance between employees and employees, but also for the elders provided in an employment opportunity, Denver Nuggets Group of people-centered belief, really let employees feel well-being .
If we compare the enterprise to a big family, we are one of the children. Enterprises deeply cherish the enthusiasm of each member of the family care and love, so that everyone has access to the growth of wealth; and we Nuggets members are also very cherished love and support the Nuggets business, and no regrets to maintain the entire large Family interests. In this collective, each employee has a platform to show self-worth and show their talents. Only trained in a strong ability to work in the love of the stage to show off their most beautiful dance. I am fortunate to be a member of the Nuggets, although my position is insignificant, but here are my concerns, my pay, I work full of blood, I have been firmly believe that each of us out of a small step , Is a major leap forward in business, we contribute every piece, you can achieve a milestone in the development of enterprises one after another.


Enterprise characteristics


Operational advantages:
To professional, efficient, self-service business services for the entrance, is committed to creating one-stop enterprise service platform and enterprise service ecosystem. To help enterprises solve the "just" pain points, leading enterprise service industry standardization, and through continuous innovation, to help some entrepreneurs to realize their dream of promoting small and medium enterprises in China to grow!
Team advantage:
Group has a group of professional agents with full-time professional qualification certificate team, the average practitioner service experience for more than four years. All the company leaders are from the grassroots level to develop a variety of user-friendly policies, arrangements for the work of family members, the establishment of internal mutual funds, employees organized to participate in various public welfare activities and so on. This is always a toss, always in the trial and error team, which is the attitude of the Nuggets to achieve their dreams, is to adapt to changes in the process of an exploration, making the team always maintain a business impulse and passion!
Scale advantage:
Up to now, the Group has set up 14 branches, chain operations, Beijing major regional east, west, south, north, all-round layout, respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin and other national strategy Layout, the city is a regional economic center, plans within two years of enterprise services to the country, is the largest integrated enterprise services one.
Management advantages:
Group companies focus on teamwork, advocacy of public cohesion and warmth. Internal partners within the company model to encourage employees to start their own businesses, some subsidiaries have full ownership. So that the Nuggets diversified enterprise management more scientific and orderly, the overall management structure has become more flat, effectively promoted the Group's strategic management capabilities and the formation of strategic-oriented organizations.
At the same time, the Nuggets always focus on the "people-oriented" core values, to highly efficient and enterprising corporate culture to stimulate employee value; with advanced enterprise management system, effective incentive and restraint mechanism, the formation of upward work atmosphere and value identity, the team always Maintain a strong cohesion and creativity.

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